COMPOST – By definition is the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of organic material that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and stabilized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth. Cascade Compost has been produced under controlled conditions meeting Washington States stringent standards for Compost (Chapter 173-350 WAC).

The Benefits of using Cascade Compost

  • Our products contain significant amounts of both major and minor nutrients that ensure the healthy growth of your home garden or landscaping projects
  • Cascade Compost products add organic matter to enrich the earth around your gardens and make it more fertile. This also attracts earthworms and other important soil inhabitants by providing a food source in any type of environment
  • Our compost, topsoils, mulches and barks act as a sponge, holding water during the dry season and reducing runoff in wetter seasons
  • Because Cascade Compost products store and slowly release nutrients over a long period of time, they reduce the need for frequent reapplication
  • Most importantly, our products provide numerous beneficial organisms that help your soil to begin the rapid transformation to greater health — and to stay healthy
Cascade Compost is a registered Organic Material with the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture

What is Compost?

Quite simply, compost is a nutrient rich soil amendment made from organic waste, which can be anything from your kitchen salad scraps and coffee grounds to yard cuttings. This rotting plant matter is then transformed into extremely rich and useful soil amendment as it’s slowly broken down by various micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi. In the wild, it’s nature’s way of recycling.


soil_bag_picHealthy soil is teeming with life! There are upwards of four billion tiny organisms in healthy soil.  Cascade Compost provides food for these organisms which result in soil teeming with microbes.

· Microbes help provide the nutrients to plant roots to help them thrive.

· Retains moisture but allows for drainage by increasing pore space.

· Compost which is rich in nutrients ,reduces the need for fertilizer.

· Adds much needed Organic matter back into the soil.