Cascade Compost is a Registered Material for Use in Organic Agriculture with the Washington State Department of Agriculture

The Cascade Compost Quality Assurance Program includes third-party laboratory testing on a regular bases. Washington State regulations also require specific annual testing based on the quantity of materials being manufactured. We take part in additional voluntary testing, too and we always make sure that our standards are in compliance with U.S. Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance program. In fact, USCC Seal of Testing Assurance testing is performed in every batch of compost we make.

We Prioritize Meeting National Standards

The National Organic Standards require that all certified organic producers, processors and handlers use materials that comply with the applicable parts of the Standards
[7 CFR Park 205]. These standards include a National List of specifications, which dictates permitted and prohibited substances used in organic crop and livestock production, as well as for those allowed in organic food processing and handling.
The use of the “Registered Material” seal carries with it a responsibility to uphold certain standards of practice in manufacturing.


Winter Garden Tips

Winter is a great time to get a good look at your landscape and see where you need to fill in or what needs to be changed.

Planting-This is an excellent time to plant fruit, flowering and shade trees. Most garden centers have plenty of stock and are continuing to get more. Since the trees are dormant it is easier to transplant them now. By adding Cascade Compost to your planting soil you are guaranteeing great results. The compost acts as extra protection against the elements. Roses can be planted now also. Make sure and add plenty of compost to ensure beautiful blooms.

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