Cascade Compost Top Soils and Mulches:

Top Soils

NEW & Improved! Cascade Planting Mix – The ideal vegetable garden mix. Premium all-purpose topsoil made with fine compost, clean mined sand, and screened sandy loam from select sources. Good for raised beds, a good all around planting mix.

2-Way Soil Mix (*recommended by the Lawn Coach) – A mix of fine compost and clean-washed sand. Suitable for high-quality turf. Meets requirements for turf in Post-Construction. Ideal for new lawns and as a topdressing.

Approved Organic in the state of Washington

Lawn rejuvenation Mix-Screened compost and Cascade Minerals are the ideal mix to bring your Lawn back to life.

Bio retention Soil (Rain Garden Soil) – A mix of well -graded aggregate and fine compost to meet the rigorous Washington state and Area County specifications) the perfect mix for your home rain garden.

Cascade Premium Potting Soil (*proprietary) – A premium mix for all your container needs. Ideal for flowers, veggies hanging baskets and raised beds.

Mulches and Bark

Cascade Garden Mulch – Insulates plant roots from temperature fluctuations, reduce weed growth and protect the soil. From erosion and compaction. Can reduce irrigation costs by helping the soil hold water.

Fine and Medium Bark – Combination of ground hemlock and fir bark. Suitable for all landscape beds.

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