Benefits of using compost in your landscape.

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There are numerous choices for providing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If your soil is of adequate fertility, applying compost may be the best method of applying additional nutrients. While compost is relatively low in nutrients compared to commercial fertilizers, it is especially beneficial in improving the condition of the soil. By keeping the soil loose, compost allows plant roots to grow well throughout the soil, allowing them to extract nutrients from a larger area. A loose soil enriched with compost is also an excellent habitat for earthworms and other beneficial soil microorganisms that are essential for releasing nutrients for plant use. The nutrients from compost are also released slowly so there is no concern for “burning” the plant with an over-application. Compost makes a wonderful mulch if you have a large supply. Compost not only improves the soil structure but provides an excellent source of plant nutrients.

*Taken from unlock the secrets from the soil


Take advantage of the cool weather to put down some compost in your landscape. Summer heat is just around the corner.
• Holds in moisture.
• Creates pore space.
• Landscape and flowers require less fertilizer.
Refresh your lawn, aerate. Then top dress with a 1/4 to 1/2″ of compost.
• Feeds the roots.
• Helps reduce thatch.
• Helps green up the lawn.
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