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Benefits of using compost in your landscape.

I think this is one of the best articles regarding Compost I have read. It really spells it all out. There are numerous choices for providing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If your soil is of adequate fertility, applying compost may be the best method of applying additional nutrients. While compost is relatively low in nutrients [...]

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Community News

A Proud Supporter of Veterans Orting Soldier’s Home Garden- When the home was established in 1891 the idea behind the home was that each veteran would be given a plot on which to grow food to sell to the community and to feed his family. The plan was for it to be completely sustainable. They [...]

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Ed Hume – 2015 Gold Circle Inductee

Follow @cascadekbach To achieve your dreams in this professional industry, watch, listen, learn and show respect to others. Then when you get your chance, you should never be afraid to try something new, even if it's outside your comfort zone. Ed Hume is a Northwest native, born in Seattle some 83 years ago. He is [...]

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Most recent Cascade Compost Video’s

Cascade Compost in Garden Beds https://youtu.be/Wqf8yXR2YII Planting with Compost https://youtu.be/65kgagPog5w

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Lawn Renovation Video

Watch Video, click here

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Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips Video - click here

Community Partner

Cascade Compost donated compost to a total of 41 classrooms in 8 different schools to teach a curricula called Growing Healthy Habits wsu.edu/pierce/health/food-ense/growing-healthy-habits. We work to amend the beds each year so that the radishes, greens, lettuce, herbs and potatoes that students plant grow strong and healthy for our culminating harvest party before the school [...]

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USCC Factsheet

The Cascade Compost Quality Assurance Program includes third-party laboratory testing on a regular bases. Washington State regulations also require specific annual testing based on the quantity of materials being manufactured. We take part in additional voluntary testing, too and we always make sure that our standards are in compliance with U.S. Composting Council Seal of [...]

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Benefits of Compost Use

Cascade Compost Products add organic matter to enrich the earth around your gardens and make it more fertile. This also attracts earthworms and other important soil inhabitants by providing a food source in any type of environment Read more about the Benefits of Cascade Compost - click here

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