Who are we?

cri_logo_aboutThe company behind Cascade Compost is Corliss Resources, Inc., which has been doing business in the Pierce, King and Kitsap County communities for nearly a century. CRI’s progression from producing concrete and aggregates into manufacturing best-quality topsoil for home gardeners and landscaping professionals has been a natural one. Today Cascade Compost is an integral component for CRI topsoil blends, as well as the go-to brand for home growing and professional groundskeeping.

How We Do It

sealCascade Compost is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Our production facility utilizes computer-operated aeration and specialty-designed covers, which ensure that temperatures inside are always at consistent levels for destroying pests, disease and bacteria. These high temperatures, in combination with naturally occurring microbes, breakdown toxic chemicals into safe compounds.


Cascade Compost: Best-Quality Compost Made Locally For Your Home Gardening and Professional Landscaping Needs!